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Special Update: 7/17/20- More Clarity on the Mask Mandate from Jackson County

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Good Morning CrossWay,

I trust you are doing well this week and that your summer is in full swing. In my last email, I provided you with direction regarding the Jackson County Mask Mandate that came out on July 1. In that email I mentioned that the order would be in effect for at least the next two weeks. After two weeks, I am bringing you an update.

In recent days, there seems to be no little confusion about the details concerning this order. In light of this, yesterday I spoke with the Jackson County Health department to gain better clarity on this issue moving forward. I had a good conversation with one of the directors, who provided me with clear information for local churches in regard to facemasks. 

Essentially, Jackson County will continue to require facemasks inside public spaces until further notice. The health department clarified to me that this requirement is in effect regardless of social distancing measures. We will continue to communicate with the health department in the coming weeks and will pass on new information as we receive it.

Thus, with a desire to be a good witness to our local community, a heart to protect those vulnerable among us, and a desire to live obediently to God by submitting to our civil authorities (see Romans 13), our elder team has decided that CrossWay Bible Church will continue requiring masks until further notice. In line with the direction we’ve received from the county health department this week, we are requiring that you wear a mask while inside our facility.

For many of you this direction gives you comfort; I am glad. For others, this news continues to frustrate you; I understand. Regardless of where we fall, let’s continue to give grace to each other during this season. Let’s also celebrate the great privilege we have to worship our great God and gather as His people.

We’ve said it before and it bears repeating, I firmly believe God is using all we’re experiencing in 2020 for His glory and our good. I pray for years to come we can look back on this time in the life of our church as a clear instance of God’s work to deepen our unity and strengthen our faith in Him.

If you have questions, please contact me personally by replying to this email.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Sam