Join us for our adult equip class on Sunday morning. Here is our upcoming schedule for the rest of 2023:

How We Got the Bible by Timothy Paul Jones- July 16-September 3. 

In this book study, we will study how the 66 books of our Bible were recognized as the full canon of scripture, and consider why this truth is essential to our faith. 

Love Your Church by Tony Merida- September 10-November 5

In this book study, we will reflect on 8 great things about being a church member. 

Everyone's Theologian: Part 2 by R.C. Sproul- November 12- January 7

In this study, we will continue looking at particular aspects of theology, this time the doctrine of God. 



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October 2, 2022

October 2, 2022

Spiritual Gifts Week 4

Speaker: Danny Ray Series: Spiritual Gifts