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Our Equip classes and forums are specific occasions for our church body to learn and grow as God's people. We offer one-off forums as well as church-wide classes that meet during the year.  


Church Conversation: Assessing the Recent Changes on Sunday Morning- 4/23/23

Spring 2023 Equip Forums

How to Read the Bible for all it's Worth (audio)- Wednesday April 19, 2023- Sam Tyson

How to do Family Worship (audio)- Wednesday February 22, 2023- Dave Redfearn

Special One-off Sunday Morning Equip Classes

4/16/23- Silence and Solitude from a Biblical Perspective- Jay Schweizer

4/9/23- Easter Class- Why We Can Trust the Resurrection- Sam Tyson

2022-2023 Sunday Morning Equip Classes

Everyone's a Theologian by R.C. Sproul (Beginning May 2023) 

Section 1- Introduction

Week 4- 5/28/23- Special Revelation- Cody Wheelock 

Week 3- 5/21/23- General Revelation and Natural Theology- Todd Price 

Week 2- 5/14/23- The Scope and Purpose of Theology- Danny Ray

Week 1- 5/7/23- What is Theology- Dave Redfearn

Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges (Feb- April 2023)

Audio Recordings

Session 1- Facing up to the Truth- Sam Tyson

Session 2- The Remedy for Sin- Louis Azuma

Session 3- Ungodliness and Unthankfulness- Eric Bultman

Session 4- Anxiety, Frustration, and Discontentment- Cody Wheelock

Session 5- Pride and Selfishness- Todd Price

Session 6- Impatience, Irritability, and Anger- Cody Wheelock

Session 7- Judgementalism, Sins of the Tongue- Dana Rothaus

Session 8- Lack of Self Control, Envy, Jealousy- Jimmy Stancliff

Session 9- Where Do We Go from Here- Danny Ray


Overview of the Book

Respectable Sins Checklist

Respectable Sins Application Plan

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life (Nov 2022-Jan 2023)

Week 1- Purpose of Godliness- Dana Rothaus

Week 2- Bible Intake- Jeff Nunn

Week 3- Bible Intake 2- Eric Bultman

Week 4- Prayer- Jay Schweizer

Week 5- Worship- Dave Redfearn

Week 6- Evangelism- Daniel Collier

Week 7- Serving- Todd Price

Week 8- Stewardship and Giving- Jeff Nunn

Week 9- Journaling and Learning- Todd Price

Week 10- Fasting- Jay Schweizer 

Spiritual Gifts (Sept- Oct 2022)

Spiritual Gifts Class Week 1

Spiritual Gifts Class Week 2

Spiritual Gifts Class Week 3

Sunday Morning Equip- Week 4 Class (Audio Only) 

Spiritual Gifts Class Week 5


Past Equip Forums

Summer 2022

Strange New World by Carl R. Trueman- May-July 2022


Overview of Key Concepts

Expressive Individual vs. Created Person 1

Expressive Individual vs. Created Person 2

Weekly Recordings 

Session 1- May 25

Session 2- June 1

Session 3- June 7

Strange New World- Week 3 (audio only)

Session 4- June 15

Session 5- June 22


Session 6- June 29

Session 7- July 6

Session 8- July 20

Equip Forum

Digger Deeper: CRT- July 2021