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In the spirit of Matthew 28:19, we seek to participate in the Church’s global mission to make disciples of all nations. This mission is what informs CrossWay’s support of our global missionary partners.

Our missionaries are dedicated to taking the gospel of Jesus to the nations, both here in the USA and abroad.

Hildebrand 3Bill & Jennifer Hildebrand

Bill and Jennifer serve as "Missionary Kid Care Coordinators" for Avant Ministries, based in Kansas City. With years of youth ministry experience, incredible victories and struggles in moving their family to Kenya and back, they now help families who come to Avant feeling called to the mission field. They especially focus on MKs as they graduate from high school and reenter the US for college/career while their parents continue ministry overseas.


Morgan-Love-Story-2017-Morgan-Proofs-0014-300x200Steve & Linda Morgan

Steve serves with AIA primarily as Pro Soccer Director, though he is also working with professional hockey with the Missouri Mavericks. He is the U.S. men’s soccer team chaplain and coordinator and is involved with international special events such as World Cup soccer and the Olympics. AIA is a ministry of Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ.


 M-ME-2016-300x200Mark & Mary Esther Penner

Mark is involved with outreach to the Japanese Deaf through WorldVenture, working on the JSL Bible Project. Mary Esther works with Wheelchairs of Hope organization that has provided more than 2,000 wheelchairs for needy people in Asia. Sign up to be a daily prayer partner at

JSL Bible Facebook Page: | Website:

Price-Family-2017-no-words-300x199Todd & Pamala Price

Children: Matthew, Kirsten, Daniel and Ariela
Children not pictured: Timothy, Jonathan, Elizabeth (Sell)

Todd earned his Ph.D. in New Testament and linguistics and leads a Bible translation team for the Roma (Gypsies) of Eastern Europe through Pioneers.


Zafiris-2015Daniel & Dina Zafiris

Children: Ioana, Elias & Teodora

Daniel serves with Athletes in Action Romania, which has a ministry with high school, university and local church sports in Lasi, Romania, as well as with Romanian professional and Olympic athletes.



Zinke 2Gil & Norene Zinke

Gil serves with Training Leaders International, which mentors and sends pastors, seminary professors and graduate students to bring theological education around the world through modular training, long-term sending to seminaries and international churches, and school planting. 



Local + Global Mission Opportunity

Operation Christmas Child

Through the ministry of Samaritan’s Purse, we are able to send shoeboxes of small toys, personal care items and language-specific gospel messages to children around the world.

For more information about global missions, contact the Church Office.