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Thriving Community | Acts 2:42-47

Sep 16, 2018 Speaker: Aaron Kraft Passage: Acts 2:42–47 Series: Discipleship

The Gift of the Church | Ephesians 4:11-16

Sep 9, 2018 Speaker: Aaron Kraft Passage: Ephesians 4:11–16 Series: Discipleship

Make Disciples | Matthew 28:19-20

Sep 2, 2018 Speaker: Aaron Kraft Passage: Matthew 28:19–20 Series: Discipleship

The Crucifixion of Christ | John 19:18-30

Aug 5, 2018 Speaker: Jeff Nunn Passage: John 19:18–30 Series: Special Messages

Test Everything | I John 4:1-6

Jul 15, 2018 Speaker: Aaron Kraft Passage: 1 John 4:1–6 Series: I John: Letters to a Growing Church

Old Testament

Primary Speakers

Daniel Collier | Associate Pastor

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Dr. Sam Tyson | Teaching Pastor

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Guest Speakers

Kevin Bult | Missionary Guest

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Travis Cowdrey | Intern

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John Filkey | Lead Pastor of Redeeming Grace in Goodyear, AZ

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Bill Hildebrand | Missionary Partner

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Aaron Kraft | Lead Pastor

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Steve Morgan | Missionary Partner

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Jeff Nunn | Elder

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Dr. Todd Price | Missionary Partner

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Danny Ray | Elder

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Dave Redfearn | Elder

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Dana Rothaus | Elder

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Derek Savage | Elder

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Myral Watson | Guest Speaker

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Rodger Williams | Teaching Pastor

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Gil Zinke | Missionary Partner

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